Monday, January 28, 2008

Donate $10 to SFT before February 1 and SFT can win $50,000!

• Log on to your Facebook account. If you don't have an account already, please open one at

• Once you're logged in, go to:

• Donate $10 to the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

The $50,000 award will be given away on Friday, February 1st, so please donate before then.

In order to win the $50,000 award, which can fund two high-profile direct actions at the Beijing Olympics, we need more "unique" or first-time donors. Please help us find these new people.

For tech support, please contact Kala Mendoza, SFT's Grassroots Coordinator and Facebook Commander.
Phone: (917) 595-0140

What is Facebook's Causes Giving Challenge?

As many of you know, we have been presented a unique fundraising opportunity through Facebook. The Case Foundation has committed $250,000 to a donation challenge for non-profit organizations. The way this contest works is as follows.

For every 24 hour period until February 1, 2008, from 2pm CST to 2pm CST on the following day, the non-profit organization with the most unique donors wins $1000 from Facebook.

Over the 50 day period running until February 1, 2008, the organization with the most unique donors receives $50,000, second most unique donors receives $25,000, and third through fifth most unique donors receives $10,000.


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