Thursday, March 8, 2007

Getting Ready for Tibetan Uprising Day!

Our chapter is so pumped for our March 10th demonstrations in Chicago and Madison! Yesterday at our weekly meeting we made signs, created chants (see list below), and made 2 commercials for our demonstration :) Asius worked quickly to get them up on YouTube in less than 4 hours, he rawks. So here they are:

The marching one:

The still one:

Chants for March 10th Demonstrations:

China (Out of Tibet)!

Long Live (the Dalai Lama)!

Stop the Killing (in Tibet)! Stop the Genocide (in Tibet)!

Hu Jintao (We want justice)! John Negroponte (We want justice)! Barak Obama (We want justice)!

Team (Tibet), Team (Tibet)! All: Where is Team Tibet?

One World, One Dream! (Free Tibet, Free Tibet)!

We Skip (for Tibet)! We Hop (for Tibet)! We Shout (FOR TIBET)!

Rise (Up)! Speak (Up)! All: Rise Up! Resist! Return!

Out of Exile! (Into the Streets)!

Who loves Tibet! (We love Tibet)!

Beijing 08! (It ain't great)!

Genocide is (NOT a game)!

Have an idea for a good chant? Let us know!

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you guys are so cute :) I'm proud!


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